1920 Evil Returns: An Epic Bollywood Horror Movie That Isn’t

Movie1920 Evil Returns
CastTia Bajpai, Aftab Shivdasani, Sharad Kelkar, Vicky Ahuja, Irma Jamhammar, Naresh Sharma
DirectorBhushan Patel
WriterVikram Bhatt
ProducerVikram Bhatt, Dharmendra Rawal

1920 Evil Returns is a Bollywood horror movie that released in 2012. Its the spin off of another Vikram Bhatt franchise, 1920, which released in 2008. The Bollywood horror movie released in the post modern world.  In this world,  investors were ready to put up some big money in a horror movie, and the Adults certificate didn’t matter.

Unfortunately, post 1990 and beyond, the basic stamp on Bollywood horror movies was that they were insipid, uninspired rip-offs of Hollywood horror movies. We needed just one movie to break those shackles.  We didn’t get that one until Stree in 2018.

1920: Evil Returns Synopsis

A young woman Sangeeta stays in a mansion, all by herself.  She is in love with someone else, who she has never met. She sends her servant to find out whether he is alright. He tells her that he is trying to forget her in alcohol. The servant tells her that he has a solution to her problem, and gives her a sacred mirror. He says that the spirit will not be able to trouble her, as long as she has the mirror with her.

Sangeeta leaves the mansion, but is waylaid while she is traveling and falls prey to the spirit once again. She is found unconscious by the lake by a man, Jaidev,  who takes her in. The man lives with his sister and some servants. While the sister is taking care of her, she finds her amulet, which she keeps safely.

When Sangeeta wakes up, the poet tries to find out more about her. They realise that they are familiar with each other, but cannot find out what. Almost immediately, a spirit starts haunting the Jaidev and her.

As Jaidev gets closer to the Sangeeta, they face strange happenings, like a strange man warning them that a spirit is in the house. That night, Jaidev spits nails during dinner. Jaidev admits her to a hospital, which has a new machine, the X-Ray machine.

Watch 1920: Evil Returns

The X Ray machine throws some interesting results. Also, Sangeeta has another supernatural experience in the hospital, where a dead woman’s body comes alive and announces that he will not allow her to live.

The next day, Jaidev and Sangeeta go to Shimla, which has better medical facilities. They take a stop during the night. They try to get intimate, but Jaidev tells the woman that he was in love with someone else and cannot commit to her.

That night, another stranger visits Sangeeta in the hotel that they are staying in Shimla. When she meets her, she gets her memory back but ends up possessed. Jaidev brings the man who had warned them about a spirit in the house.

What’s Jaidev’s connection with Sangeeta? Why does Sangeeta stay in the mansion all this while? What does the spirit want from Sangeeta? You’ll have to watch 1920: Evil Returns to know answers to these questions.


1920: Evil Returns has a very complicated screenplay.  It just doesn’t gel with an audience that’slooking to enjoy a Bollywood horror movie. The premise of the movie makes it big and quite frankly, alienates an entire population that lives in a 500 sqft house.

The horror audience is not the audience who go to the movies to watch locales and stuff like that. Make a movie set in a room that gives them the jeepers and that movie will make more money than any Bollywood horror has ever made.

Then again, the story is so complexly told that the general audience might just switch off and consider this Bollywood horror movie to be just background noise. All said and done, the movie has three to four scary sequences, and the rest is an longish investigation.

Final Word:

Quite frankly, you won’t understand what’s happening in the movie unless you watch it with rapt attention and have the crystal clear sound so that the dialogues are perfectly audible. That’s a fr cry from the kind of Bollywood horror movies we are accustomed to, a Veerana or a Mahakaal.

Tia Bajpai’s make-up is good for the horror sequences, but like so many previous horror movies, the CGI doesn’t impress at all. Somehow, the director thinks that thrusting the camera into a gost face doing weird things like jumping out a window or eating a man’s entrails makes a movie highly entertaining.

1920 comes from an interesting genre of movies actually, the period horror piece. Yes, Hollywood beat us to it with The Exorcism of Emily Rose and so many other movies, but the  Indian audiences got their first taste of the home-made dish with 1920, which was a smash hit and had a huge novelty value when it released.

Also, the movie had the backdrop of an historical event. Here, there’s some Grecian/Roman balderdash that’s hobnobbing as an Indian story.


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