1st Horror Short Film Based on Lockdown Is Here- Phobia

It was bound to happen, and we have the Lockdown based horror short film, ready for release by the 11th of May. The trailer for the film is now out. The name of the movie is Phobia. The look and the feel of the short film are very DIY, so I think someone really spent time making the movie. The trailer also shows it being a one-man movie and spares out most of the story as well.

The horror short film trailer shows a young man drinking all kinds of liquids, including coffee and until he chugs on cold syrup. So, there’s a fair chance that the short film is going to be about a person running out of stuff. So, you kinda know what the horror short is going to be about. Watch the trailer here:

There’s a lot of things that could have made this horror short film better. First off, the grammatical mistake on the title card gives it an amateur and hurried look. The freebie background sound tells us that there’s not a lot of budgets that’s gone into creating the soundtrack and the music for this horror short film.

The movie releases on 11th May. Stay tuned in for a review. 

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