5 Boys in Bangalore Arrested for Ghost Prank

Everyone loves a good scare – as long as it is on the screen and between two credit scenes. Five boys from Bangalore learned this the hard way when they were arrested under various sections of the IPC for playing ghost pranks on unsuspecting people in Bangalore, according to The News Minute. Apparently, they wanted to shoot those scenes and make the videos viral. But a rickshaw wallah and others didn’t find this prank in good taste and approached the police station.

Watch the Bangalore Prank Video here:

The prank is the stupidest idea I have ever seen and heard of. I understand everything about kids being kids and all that, but jumping out of nowhere dressed in white robes late in the night in frot of a running vehicle is a dangerous situation that deserves a rap on the knuckles of anyone who devised it. And that’s just what the kids got. The kid were put behind bars after the police checked the CCTV and picked them up. The five are now on bail.

I am not naming the kids here, because they have to anyway live a life of embarrassment – if not shame at least for the next couple of years or so. Unless they decide to make hay while the sun shines and make come onto Tiktok. Wait, I am giving them ideas. Sheesh!

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