A Fall From Grace Review: Kiddish To The Core

A Fall From Grace is the latest Netflix addition for its viewers. The movie coming from Tyler Perry garnered some press in its initial stages. The movie’s now streaming on Netflix and here’s our complete review.

A Fall From Grace Plot:

Grace Walters (Crystal Fox) is a woman of a certain age who falls for the charms of a young man, Shannon (Mehcad Brooks). All that ends when she lands in prison, on the charges of brutally killing her husband. A young female public defender, Jasmine Bryant (Bresha Webb), known for completing court cases with pleas gets the case. Jasmine takes it up as a generally open and close case, but little does she know what she’s sitting on.

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A Fall from Grace Review:

The movie started streaming yesterday and it’s facing a lot of flak over its production values – including some wigs that are now reaching infamy. But those wigs are least of the movie’s problem. The script is an uninspiring, TV movie type that shouldn’t even have made it to the pitching process.

First off, the movie has a boatload of loopholes and genuinely surprising plot points. Like, when a woman’s accused of a brutal murder, don’t the investigators look into the history of the murderer and the witness – going back to at least a few months?

If Tyler Perry, who’s also the writer, wanted to show that we live in a society with authorities and people in power who don’t care, it doesn’t come across. At the heart of a taut thriller, likes a fine investigative story. Even here, writer Tyler takes the lazy way out of having the victim tell all to the prosecutor in a flashback. The entire solution is simply left to chance – the hallmark of lazy writing.

Another issue is the direction. Perry decides that his story is so strong that he doesn’t need any camera angles and other director-goss to make the movie. So, you have strictly tv camerawork, something that’s as confusing as its frustrating.

Tyler also fails to create characters that the audience can either root for or dislike. Mehchad Brooks is a fine actor and tries to get a grip into his character, but lazy writing fails him. There’s no character development or even a character arc for him. The same goes for Crystal Fox. The director (Tyle, again) is too busy telling a melodramatic story to tell us more about this woman, who’s just lost her husband to another woman.

In a Nutshell:


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