Aahana Kumra Betaal Look Has a Backstory?

Aahana Kumra is part of the upcoming Netflix Original Horror webseries, Betaal.  She plays one of the soldiers in the mercernary army that is out to clear off the villagers. Audiences know Aahana for her romantic leads and her roles in quirky dramas. But in Betaal, Aahana plays a tough at nails soldier – with a backstory to boot.

Her look is a unique one, that of a battle scarred – literally – soldier.  It remains to be seen whether the writers have given her a backstory -one that justifies that look. With some of the finest writers behind Betaal, I will be looking forward to the creation of the backstory.

We rarely have a Indian project with a strong female lead, though that tribe is growing. Add to that, this unique look and Aahana Kumra becomes one of the very few female characters to play a character that has a backstory. We have had female characters in franchises and spin-offs earlier. Sridevi played a shapeshifting snake and its daughter back in the day in the Nagina franchise. Taapsee Pannu recently played a character that was a spin-off from the Baby series.

IHC has exclusive first looks of the characters. I earlier revealed Jitendra Joshi’s look. Jitendra plays a negative character in the series. Now, I am putting up a image that reveals Aahana Kumra.

Check out Aahana Kumra’s Betaal Look:

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