Aahana Kumra Exclusively Speaks to Indian Horror Club

Aahana Kumra talks about her role in Betaal and how the narratives are now paying attention to women characters in webseries as well as movies.

Aahana Kumra

Aahaha Kumra’s character, Alhuwalia, was the moral compass of the Netflix Original Indian Horror webseries, Betaal. Aahana Kumra played a female soldier who’s seen her share of  battles and wars. I had the opportunity to speak to Aahana about her character in the series and what she thinks the series has done for the narratives about females in Indian fiction.

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Aahana Kumra plays a soldier, Alhuwalia, who is part of a special operations team. The team has the  task of evacuating a village. The villagers are adamant that they will stay there, but the builder-politician nexus will have none of it. What follows next is an all-out war between the tribals and the soldiers, but that’s not all. Both the warring groups have to combat an army that they never thought existed.

Critics note that Aahana’s character is the moral compass of the series, and wants to do what’s right, even if it means giving the final sacrifice for the task.She has a fraternal like feeling for Vikram, who is heading the team and is doing what his immediate superior thinks is right.

Aahana spoke to me earlier about her role in Betaal, and told us how playing the unique character made her realise several aspects about how the cosmetic make up of a person might have damning effects on their psyche. Its interesting to see actors like Aahana taking up roles that aren’t just money spinners or some that take their career forward. Hear the entire interview to know more!

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