Aahana Kumra Reveals Deets About Betaal Role

Aahana Kumra plays one of the most important characters in the upcoming Netflix Original Horror webseries, Betaal. She plays Alu. part of the mercerany team that is about to evacuate a village and demolish a tunnel. She is the friend and close confidant to Vineet’s character, the Captain of a mercernary arm. As is obvious, nothing goes as plannd and the team has hell to pay.

Kumra has earlier worked in amazing projects like Lipstick Under My Burkha and Rangbaaz. Now, she plays an Army Officer with an objective and a past.  Her character has a unique look, that’s rare for a Indian horror project. That’s because Indian horror projects basically have a beautiful woman at the centre of the script – either she’s the one who’s about to be killed, or someone is trying to kill her.

Patrick Graham brings t us a whole new character in Indian horror, the woman with a past that has left a physical scar on her face. Indian Horror Club has exclusive access to the Aahana Kumra’s look. Check out those pictures here:

Aahana Kumra on set, preparing to shoot for the Netflix Original Horror Webseries, Betaal

As seen in the Netflix Original Horror Webseries, Betaal.

Aahana Kumra spoke over the telephone to IHC about the role and her look. She said that the look was mostly prosthetic. Aahana said that she did feel conscious on set. That’s because even people on the set would look at her and wonder if the burn is for real – as the prosthetic was so realistic. She also said that she thought about people and women who have scars in real life and how they’d affect their lives.

Aahana talked at length with IHC about Betaal. That interview goes live tomorrow. Betaal launches on Netflix on 24th May. 

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