Aakhri Cheekh: When The Ramsays Did Away With Smoke and Mirrors

Aakhri Cheekh is a Ramsay produced Bollywood horror movie that sought to defy everything the horror movies were known for.

Name of MovieAakhri Cheekh
CastVijayendra, Javed Khan, Anil Dhawan, Kanwaljeet, Deepak Parashar,
Sripradha, Neelam Mehra, Poonam Das Gupta, Sujit Kumar (SP), Vijay Arora (SP), Seema Vaz, KK Raj, Surendar Pal
Director: Kiran Ramsay
ProducerReshma Ramsay
Year of Release1991

Aakhri Cheekh is a Bollywood horror movie that hit theaters in 1991. By the nineties, the Ramsays had added a few more names to their stable of film making. By the nineties, the Ramsays were also looking at Bollywood horror movies and their movies in a new light – literally as well as figuratively.

Gone were the smoke and mirrors that gave only a glimpse of the demon. Also gone was the peekaboo version of the sleaze scenes. This was big, bold Bollywood on the cusp of globalization, so women – even the leading ones – wearing a bikini was passe.

The Ramsays released Bandh Darwaza in 1990. As far as I am concerned, Bandh Darwaza was the movie where the Ramsays came out on their own as horror movie makers and embraced the inherent Indianness of their movies.

Later, in 1993, they would release Mahakaal and become unabashedly urban. But the beginning of their urbanness begun from movies like Purani Haveli. Aakhri Cheekh was just another yardstick that they crossed in 1991 towards becoming urban movie makers. Here’s everything you wanted to know about Aakhri Cheekh, the Bollywood horror movie by the Ramsays.

Aakhri Cheekh Synopsis:

Four friends, Anand, Jeet, Rahul and Amit decide to become business partners.  Rahul and Samuel are in a relationship with Priya and Jenny respectively, Jeet is in love with Rahul’s sister, Meeta.

Rahul and Priya are okay with it, but Meeta tells them that she is in love with another man, Roshan. Jeet decides to sacrifice his love for friendship. When the friends finally meet Meeta’s boyfriend, they see that he is a philanderer.

Rahul and Priya try to convince Meeta about it, but she will have none of it. The next day, as the friends are planning for a picnic, they find out that Meeta has eloped with her boyfriend.

They rush to the boyfriend’s house, and that’s when the horrendous truth dawns on them all. Meeta’s boyfriend is actually a demon who attacks women. The four fight him and finally have him arrested.

The four think that this is the end of their problems, but Roshan breaks prison and attacks them once again. This time, the police shoot him injured and the courts sentence him to death by electric chair.

Even as the sentence is about to be carried out, the four experience supernatural experiences in their houses. The day when Roshan dies by the electric chair, the four friends are present, along with Meeta and the other women. Roshan, while dying, falls on Meeta, hugging her one last time.

The priest tells the four that Roshan’s body might have died, but his spirit is living and can cause further problems. He warns them but to no avail. Meanwhile, people begin dying mysterious deaths.

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The policeman who had shot Roshan dies after his police jeep crushes him. A doctor who had tested Meetu finds a mysterious organism that’s parasitic on Meetu’s body. As he continues his investigation, a possessed Meetu tries to seduce him and then kills him.

Meanwhile, Jeet and Meeta reconcile and their families decide to get them married. To this end, Rahul and Priya decide to meet Jeet’s mother. Priya ventures out of her house to pick up Jeet’s mother. However, Roshan, taking Priya’s form, picks up Jeet’s mother and kills her.

As the friends are mourning, Jenny goes to meet Meeta. Meeta attacks Jenny and Roshan’s soul transfers from Meeta to Jenny. When Jenny reaches home with Samuel, Samuel tries to get intimate with Jenny. Jenny stabs Samuel to death. After this death, Father Robert tells them to go seek Pathari Baba.

After Samuel, Roshan’s spirit kills off Father Robert as well.  as well and makes it look like a natural accident. Jeet decides to meet the Pathari Baba. Pathari Baba tells Jeet that Father Robert visited him. Jeet wants to know why his friends are dying.

Pathari Baba tells Jeet that he will help them. Jeet returns to the city and makes some changes in their business agreement. Anand finds out about Jeet trying to change the agreement and accuses him of trying to steal everything from the others.

The death shakes all the friends. To add to that, a Catholic priest tries to convince them that a supernatural power is at work, but the friends don’t believe it at first. As the bodies increase, Jeet goes to a learned sage, Pathari Baba, to find out how the demon can be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Roshan takes the form of Jeet and kills off Jenny. Finally, Pathari Baba tells Jeet everything. He tells him that Roshan is actually a supernatural entity, Nagi and that Nagi’s corpse is buried in a cemetery.

He reveals that Nagi was a black magician who has a boon of being handsome and young forever. However, he will have to drink the blood of virgin women. The Pathari Baba tells him that Nagi can take the form of anyone and kill anyone.

The only way to find out whose form Nagi has taken is a living parasitic organism on the person’s body. Jeet thinks that Meeta might be Nagi’s next victim. He lures Rahul out of the house and proceeds to check Meeta’s body, while she is asleep.

Roshan comes in the nick of time and they have a fight, because Rahul now thinks that he was trying to assault his sister. However, when Priya reads the papers that Jeet wanted, she finds out that Jeet has made documents that give all his money to Jenny after his death.

Rahul and Jeet reconcile and meet the Pathari Baba. The Baba tells them that Nagi can only be summoned when someone destroys his final resting place in the cemetery. Jeet and Rahul proceed to do just that.

Nagi is now once again in Meeta’s body. The destruction of the coffin brings Meeta to the cemetery. As Jeet and Rahul continue the destruction, Nagi comes out of Meeta’s stomach. Both Rahul and Jeet then burn down the respawned Nagi, putting an end to the terror.

Aakhri Cheekh Review

Aakhri Cheekh is a very different Ramsay product and is proof that the typical Bollywood horror movie changed at the cusp of the decade. There are several changes to the Ramsay mix with Aakhri Cheekh.

First, there’s Poonam Das Gupta, a well-known dare and bare actress. The intimate scenes, the skin show, all of that no longer has the peekaboo dynamic to it.

Aakhri Cheekh is also a rare Bollywood horror movie that doesn’t have the protagonists show some religious symbol to the demon to destroy/defeat. In fact, Aakhri Cheekh has a good backstory and the end is also a bit inventive – even if the Ramsays decide to clone the iconic Alien scene on a woman, it all works because of the novelty value.

Also, in Aakhri Cheekh, the Ramsays don’t use the smoke and mirrors they used to have the peekaboo with their previous demons. After Bandh Darwaza’s Nevla, this is the other Ramsay demon to be portrayed on screen sans the smoke, the fog, the darkness and the creative lighting.

Surender Pal’s Nagi is close to Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He sports the same kind of tattered suit, the burnt-hair-and-face look. The only thing missing, of course, is the chainsaw, Texan or otherwise.

Its as if Kiran Ramsay was proud of the prosthetic work that he was showing on the screen. And that’s the legacy of Aakhri Cheekh. One of the first and few times that the movie director was confident of showing off their product to the audience.

Interestingly, there’s no clarity about who wrote the story for this one. One of the posters say that Kiran Ramsay wrote and directed Aakhri Cheekh, which is very common. Even IMDb doesn’t give clarity about this.

The previous Ramsay movies proudly announce that J K Ahuja wrote the story, but not this time around.

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