Aamir Khan Supernatural Movie That Few Know

Aamir Khan is the man of the moment for two decades now. Audiences know him as the intellectual entertainer and the industry calls him a perfectionist like no other. His last release, Thugs of Hindostan, didn’t do that well at the box office but audiences will remember him for blockbusters like Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par, PK and so many more.

But like every Bollywood superstar, even Aamir went through the nineties grind and did some movies that will only be a footnote in his filmography. Some of them are straight edge romcoms and adventure-comedies. But there’s one that stands out because it’s the first Aamir Khan movie that goes into the supernatural genre. That movie, my friends, is Tum Mere Ho.

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The movie had too much going on for it. Tum Mere Ho released in 1995, and had the hit pairing of Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla. The director was Tahir Hussain, Aamir Khan’s father. The music for the movie was by Anand Milind, the same duo who gave some chartbusters for Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.

If you’re thinking Aamir Khan would have infused some groundbreaking story arc or a screenplay aspect in a movie that’s generally about a snake charmer and icchadari naag and naagins (shapeshifting snakes), you’d be mistaken. Here’s the story:

Shiva (Aamir) has magical snake-charming powers. He falls in love with Paro (Juhi), but her father, Choudhary Charanjit Singh (Ajit Vacchani) doesn’t like that. For some reason, instead of rejecting the marriage proposal, Singh uncle hires goons to kill Shiva. There’s more about Shiva himself knowing black magic because his adoptive father taught him black magic. There’s also this thing about a shape-shifting snake wanting to avenge her son’s death at the hands of Shiva’s father. Interestingly, the Wikipedia page bills Aniruddh Agarwal as one of the actors in the movie. Every Bollywood horror movie fan knows Anirrudh Agarwal as the actor who played the classic zombie characters in the Ramsay movies.

The Bollywood horror movie is staple 90s. It’s got Kalpana Iyer with a snake bindi, a sex-by-the-fireplace sequence, and Aamir Khan doing some ritual to save his lover. Go through the gallery to get an idea of what’s going on.

So, Tum Mere Ho also connects Aamir Khan and Anirrudh Agarwal and the Ramsays forever and ever. Never forget.


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