Aaradhiya Patil’s Motive Is As Sad As It Is Infuriating

A few days ago, Mumbaikars woke up to a rude shock about a young woman, Aaradhiya Patil, and her boyfriend killing a 59-year musician who had adopted her. The woman and her boyfriend are now under arrest and the grisly details are just coming out.

The Crime Branch cracked the ‘Vakola Murder’ case in a modus operandi that’s straight out of a Bollywood murder mystery movie – that’s because the modus operandi of the alleged killers is straight out of a Bollywood horror movie.

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The crime first came to light when police saw a traveling bag with mysterious body parts on Mahim Beach, Mumbai. They took some time to trace the body. The police took some time to ascertain the identity of the dead man. The dead man was Bennett  Rebello, a musician who lived in Vakola. The police found out the identity with the help of a shirt piece that covered the dead body.

Facebook played a big role in the cracking of the crime as well. The police had to find out who the particular Rebello was. For this they relied on the photos available on the social media profiles. They found out the identity because of a signature on a music note and a sweater that was similar to the one found in the bag.

The cops did their investigation and clued in on Aaradhiya Patil, all of nineteen years. Initially, she said that her adopted father was in Canada. She broke down and confessed that she killed him, with the help of her boyfriend. The boyfriend is underage.  Patil met Rebello when she was all of 13 years.

Its the way the Aradhiya Patil and her boyfriend disposed of the body that the reason this murder caught my attention. After hitting Rebello with a bamboo stick, they stabbed him and rendered him unconscious with the help of pesticides.  They separated the upper and lower body and dumped the suitcase in the Mithi river.

In her statement, Aaradhiya Patil confessed she killed the man for his property. He had b told her that she will get his property after his death. He owned properties in Vakola, Mira Road and Goa. It is unclear whether Rebello had legally adopted the young woman. All newspaper reports point out that he treated her like an ‘adopted child’.

While the courts will decide on Aaradhiya Patil and her boyfriend’s future, the motive of the murder is a sad fact. Unless some other details crop up, this is a crime that’s spurt out of pure greed and little knowledge of the outside world. Even if Bennet Rebello had promised his property to her, he did have an immediate family, including a  father and a brother, who could challenge any unnatural will in the court of law.

Aaradhiya Patil’s past has some struggles as well. Her biological family stays in Saki Naka. She ran away from home after her mother’s death. Her father subsequently remarried.  She had told her boyfriend that Rebello would harass her sexually. The boyfriend believed her and had also asked his friends to help. However, they refused to get involved.

Right now, Aaradhiya Patil gains the infamy of being one of the few young female murderers who are in prison and are looking at a long stint in the Indian Penal System.

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