The Indian Horror Club strives to be a one stop source for news, reviews and features related to the horror genre. Whether it be books, films or series, Indian Horror Club will cover it all. The Indian Horror Club has a growing presence on social networks. Here’s a link to our Facebook Page. The members are genuine, human, and people who have a real interest in the horror genre.

I now invite you to peruse a chance to promote your project – a film, series or an event – to the growing number of fans of the Indian Horror Club. I have a modest following, so the charges are modest as well.

This is the perfect opportunity for indie writers, film makers and other content creators to promote their project to real people with a genuine interest in the horror genre.  Our charges are transparent and I believe the budgets will fit even the shoe-stringest of budgets. Here’s the costs:


  • Any size ad on the sidebar for a month: 1000 rupees. 
  • An article that remains perpetually on the site: 2000 rupees. 

Disclaimer: The article needs to be only about genres like horror, fantasy, supernatural, crime, mystery etc.

While the costs are low, I am picky about the kind of content and products that I will promote on the website. The genres I will accept are, of course, horror, fantasy, crime, supernatural and weird. After all, a site with horror in its title won’t be a good match for a book that’s titled ‘My Summer Romance’, right?

I am also open to help startups, indigenous entrepreneurs – if you have made some masaledar popcorn that should sell but isn’t, try out an ad at my size.

If this interests you, don’t hesitate to contact me via email at or use the form below.

Happy Horror!

Roy Daniel D’Silva.