Indian Horror Club is an entertainment website that’s as unique as its new – its the only website that covers Bollywood horror fiction as a mainstay. Set up in 2019, the site is growing by leaps and bounds and has created an exclusive space for itself in the entertainment reporting industry.

Indian Horror Club (IHC) provides complete, exhaustive coverage of the horror fiction industry. That has helped the website create a niche for itself. Today, we have more than 4000 visitors hitting our articles and giving out a combined number of 6000 page views, 4500 visitors giving us more than 8000 page views per month (updated!).

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We also have a fast growing social media presence. Our social media traffic consists of only those who are genuinely interested in the genre and markets that IHC caters to. In simple speak, we haven’t bought our traffic. These are individuals with an inherent love for categories like entertainment, movies, and of course, horror fiction.

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Our Search Engine traffic is urban,  young and interested in just the right things. Here’s the affinity index:

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We offer deep dive and complete coverage of some of some of the biggest fiction horror content. Check out our work here:

Jamie Lee Curtis to direct Climate Change Horror Movie Mother Nature

Aahana Kumra Reveals Deets About Betaal Role

We are also working on creating deep-dive content that has our readers return to us whenever they want their fix of horror fiction:

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