Alien 5 Could Be a Reality if Sigourney Weaver accepts

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Alien is a Hollywood scifi franchise that has inspired several others. It still strong, more than sixty years after the initial release. There’s news now that there could be an Alien 5, the fifth movie in the already iconic franchise. Earlier, news came out David Giler and Walter Hill have written a 50 page treatment for Alien 5, and Weaver has read it.

Giler has produced the original movie in the Hollywood scifi franchise, back in 1979. He wrote the story for the 1986 seque1 and also was the writer as well as producer for the third movie. Since then, he’s produced Alien Ressurrection in 1997, the release in 2004 and Requiem in 2007. In 2017, he produced Covenent. Walter Hill has written the story for the 1986 Aliens and the 1992 Alien 3. There’s news about the tagline as well, ‘In Space, No One Can Hear You Dream’. The inherent connect of this and the tag line of the first movie doesn’t escape. All this looks promising enough for another can-kicking time in outer space.

Now, it all depends on whether Sigourney, the mainstay of the  series greenlights the project or not. If she does, this becomes the latest retro iconic franchise to return to the big screen. She would, after all, these are the people associated with the original movies. The franchise has had a mixed response with contemporary critics and audiences. The franchise has the original series and a prequel series. Then again, there are a handful of short films. Here’s looking to adding another movie and a couple of more sequels to the Alien franchise with this one. After all, it will be in august company with franchises like Halloween and The Invisible Man making a return to the big screen. And we shouldn’t forget Chucky, the franchise that’s been going strong for a very long time now.

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