Alien Reboot In The Works? Ridley Scott May Return

The Alien Reboot has grabbed the headlines after a while. One of the horror industry’s most iconic characters is all set to return to the big screen.  It’s still all rumorverse, but the very idea of Sigourney Weaver returning with Ridley Scott has us excited. Alien is a franchise that’s seen some good times and bad times. The modern story arc didn’t excite the audiences as well as the reviewers. So, this reboot gives the makers – Disney, actually – a fair chance at creating another compelling world.

With this, Alien becomes the latest retro franchise to go the reboot way. The first movie in the franchise hit theaters in 1979. The second movie released in 1986. Later on, the franchise survived into the next generation with Alien 3, releasing in 1993. The fourth movie in the Hollywood sci-fi horror franchise, Alien: Resurrection, hit theaters in 1997. Alien was also one of the first franchises to have a crossover. Alien V. Predator: Requiem, hit theaters in 2007. Post that, the next movie in the franchise hit theaters in 2017, Alien Covenant.

Watch the First Alien trailer here:

Alien is a benchmark Hollywood horror movie. It’s one of the first movies to take horror in outer space. It launched a tizzy of space-themed movies back in the seventies that still stays strong. With so many other retro franchises either going through the world of reboots or sequels, this is a good time for audiences.

Blumhouse has been behind several of the reboots that are convulsing all over the producer’s tables. They are already bringing reboots like The Invisible Man and Fantasy Island to the audiences. Add to that, they have two big movies in one of the biggest horror franchises, Halloween, lined up for this year and the next.

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