ALTBalaji Twitter Account Was Hacked,Ekta Kapoor Was Sure Of It

ALTBalaji is at the forefront of creating homebrewn content. IHC likes the channel because they made the Ragini MMS franchise and several more that caters to our audience. So, it was interesting to see that their twitter account had a meltdown yesterday and spewed out wannabe tweets. Here’s a sample:

These inane tweets continued for a while, until Parth Samthaan took notice and took offense. He promptly tagged Ekta Kapoor to check what’s going on with the Twitter account. Ekta then gave an ‘apparently’ response and thought that the ALTBalaji account was hacked.

Now, I am woke enough to realize that this could be a PR attempt to plug one of their series. Even if it is that and giving credit where credit is due, the people over at Balaji executed a great idea. But then, there’s no ‘online stalking’ based web series that ALTBalaji is up for a release for a while.

Also, looking at how the events unfurled, it doesn’t seem its a PR attempt. PR attempts, however lame they may be, are all encompassing. So, you’d see the same thing happening to their Facebook pages and Instagram handles. That didn’t happen. So, there’s a good chance that this could actually, really, be a prank by some employee. Either they’re fired or are hired higher today.

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