Alter YouTube Channel Is Horror Content

Alter YouTube channel is just what the doctor ordered for horror movie fans. Horror movie fans used to wait for years and months until a new horror movie hit the theaters. For the past couple of years, that’s no longer the case. With the advent of streaming, we have several streaming channels pulling out a lot of horror-themed content.

Platforms like Netflix and Amazon are dishing horror series and original horror movies. But there’s been a void when it comes to horror short films. Well, there’s one YouTube channel that wants to fill in that void, Alter.

The YouTube channel has some incredible horror short movies. The production values are top rate as well. So you won’t feel like you are watching something from a cheap studio.

Here’s one of the Alter videos:

The short movies have a great concept, a crisp screenplay and the performances are at par with the ones that we see on the big screens. Fans have gone wild over the videos, with some of them asking how a fifteen-minute short film can be better than a two hour Hollywood horror movie.

I don’t know who’s behind the Alter channel, but I must say that each of these stories is mind-blowing and leaves a lingering thought in the minds of the audience. The stories give only enough information for the audience to get hooked on the story and lets everything else dangling in the throes of uncertainty. Most of the actors are British, so there’s that aspect of getting to hear the British accent over and over again – something that people describe as pure joy.

The Alter YouTube channel is just a hundred or so shy from reaching 100,000 likes. Almost every short format horror film over there has around 10,000 views. This one seems to here in the long run.  They also have a Facebook page,

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