Anacondas, Creature Horror Franchise is Back!

Anacondas is back, and it’s almost like someone out there is reading this website. IHC actually had an article about what happened to Anacondas a week back. You can read the article here. Roughly ten days after the article went online, we have news that there’s a new Anacondas reboot in the works. According to THR, Columbia Pictures is looking to reboot the franchise that’s been a favorite of the Indian audiences when it first hit the screens in the late nineties.

There’s not information about the reboot franchise as yet, but the nineties generation in India will remember Anacondas as the one movie that every woke person watched – including their families. Anacondas was a rage back then,  and the post-globalization generation welcomed this stark, raw movie about snakes and serial killers trying to kill adventurers. Research says that this was the ninth highest-earning Hollywood movie at that time. Of course, with behemoths like Avengers and the clump of superhero movies releasing in India, that’s just a trivia now.

Watch Anacondas Trailer here:

This is not strange though. Several post modern and modern franchises are returning to the big screen and even the streaming scene in the next two years. In fact, the only two franchises that are yet to hit the reboot engine now are I Know What You Did Last Summer and Final Destination. (OOPS!, am I giving ideas again?

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