Andhera: The Bollywood SciFi Movie We Don’t Talk About

Andhera (1975)

CastSameer, Vani Ganapathy, Imtiaz, Tun Tun, Satyen Kappu, Rajendra Nath, Helen
DirectorTulsi Ramsay and Shyam Ramsay
Associate DirectorArjun Ramsay
ScreenplayKumar Ramsay
StoryF U Ramsay
ProducerF U Ramsay
GenreScifi, Thriller

Andhera is one of the early Ramsay Bollywood movies – movies that don’t fall right into a category. They aren’t horror movies, but in the genre nearest to horror. For example, Saboot had horror hangover but was a murder mystery. In the same way, Andhera was a… wait for it… Scifi movie. Its heartbreaking that nobody speaks about it nowadays. Because this is the Ramsays at their finest – mixing Hollywood ideas with the current story tropes that work in Bollywood. Here’s what you should know about Andhera, and also why you should give it a spin over at YouTube. Here’s our Andhera review.

Andhera Synopsis

A young man, Deepak,  the brother of a police inspector, is a good for nothing, but is very good at driving vehicles. He comes in contact with a dreaded don, Ranjeet. Ranjeet hires him as his wheelman. The man falls in love with the don’s sister, Asha.  The don’s friends don’t like how the young man rises in the don’s gang. As luck would have it, the young man impregnates the don’s sister. The don, furious that one of his men has betrayed him, loses his head when his followers egg him on against the man. The don and his friends abduct the young man and cut off his hands.

Since then, the young man’s life spirals into despair and defeat. His widowed mother, not being able to see the state her son is in, commits suicide. The man is at the verge of committing suicide himself, but he uses his knowledge of automobiles to one last use. What happens next? Does the man get his revenge? Does he survive? Do the don and the men get their comeuppance? To know this and more, you need to watch the Bollywood sci-fi movie, Andhera.

Watch Andhera, Bollywood Sci-fi Movie:


The Ramsays, let it be known once and for all, have beaten every director trying their hands at every genre in Bollywood. Andhera released in 1975 and became the first Bollywood sci-fi movie to hit theaters after the glorious history of Bollywood sci-fi came to an end in the sixties. Only the boldest directors and producers make a Bollywood sci-fi movie even today, fifty years after the Ramsays created a character that was half man, half machine, just a few years after Iron Man came to the scene.

Granted, the Ramsays created a very interesting character – but they couldn’t evolve him or spice him up as much as a content creator would want. Even so, the Ramsays did make him twisted enough to give him the end that everyone thought he’d get.  This is Bollywood and this is the Ramsays at their best. So, you have a woman-in-the-rain song, a evil villain who is as arrogant as he’s devious.

Younger audiences would wonder how the Ramsays got their hands on tech and CGI that would make a believable half-man, half-machine. After all, even Hollywood strove hard to create Robocop, which released in 1987. Simple answer, they didn’t.

Before anything else, Andhera is a classic case of the audience learning suspension of disbelief, and the nudge-nudge-wink-wink idea of the producer and the audience being a part of ‘our’ movie. This is a sci-fi movie. And sci-fi movies are popular for their big reveals, iconic visuals, twists towards the end, so on and so forth. But Andhera has nothing like that.  The Ramsays don’t even show their half-man, half machine protagonist in full gear until the climax of the movie.

Then again, the title of the movie does no service to the genre. Andhera (Darkness) doesn’t seem like the title of a sci-fi movie. All the poster and artwork depict the main character as a zombie/monster and none of them show what he is  – possibly India’s first sci-fi character in the seventies era.

Andhera is another movie that proves that the Ramsays  tried their hands at almost all genres before sitting tight in the horror genre for more than a decade. If they released Andhera in 1975, they released Saboot in 1980, a few years before they started their one-horror-movie-every-two-years run.

Andhera is a mustwatch movie for everyone who loves Bollywood and wants to know about the magic that enthralls audiences all over the globe.

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