Animals Are Climbing Bridges and Terraces And We Have No Idea Why

Dog Terrace

True life can be eerier than the most creepiest of horror films. Everyone  who’s ever had even a general interest in horror knows this. We come across some eerie events now and then, and some of them become a phenomenon – that’s the word that actually created the term ‘meme’. Anyway, there’s this eerie phenomenon that many are making a post about – animals climbing terraces and bridges. It’s eerie because even dogs are climbing three to four floors of stairs to reach the terrace and just peer down. We aren’t sure how adapted animals are to climb stairs, but climb they did. Recently, @ZahidPunjabi posted a photo of a dog who’s climbed the terrace of a four storey building. He’s not just climbed the building, but has climbed the parapet as well. This is eerier, because dogs can and do have a fear of heights. It’s eerier for the viewer because well, our natural sense says that dogs don’t belong on the parapet.

dogs on terrace


This phenomena is new, but not rare. There are other pictures of animals on terraces on social media. If you get some, please send us them at Also, if anyone has a medical opinion about why animals are gaining wuthering heights, tell us in the comments section or e-mail us!

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