Antlers Gets A Red Band Trailer

Antlers is the next big horror movie coming to us.  Releasing under the Fox Searchlight banner, Scott Cooper of Black Mass directs. It stars Jeremy Thomas as Lucas, a young boy who is somehow connected to a myth in the local area,  which involves a monster in the woods.  Scott Cooper and C. Henry write the script, based on a story from Nic Antosca. The horror movie hits theaters on April 17, 2020. Antlers stars Keri Russell, Jesse Plemons and Jeremy Thomas

Watch the Antlers Trailer now:

Antlers talk about children and their fears about a supernatural force.  The movie is about two brothers who harbor a terrifying secret, which one of their school teachers is about to unravel. Child characters in horror movies exist for a while now, with even eighties horror movies like Child’s Play actually exploring that facet. In the postmodern world, horror movies like The Conjuring have child characters combating ghosts and demons. In fact, the upcoming supernatural adventure, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, have children play the iconic ghostbusters.  Stranger Things was the first web series to feature children in the main roles in a horror web series. The latest movie in the horror franchise, The Conjuring 3, has the younger version of the Warrens, once again bringing children back to the forefront of horror storytelling.

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