Betaal Producer Shah Rukh Khan Wants You To Make a Horror Movie

Betaal hits Netflix soon and looks like Shah Rukh Khan has finally found his inner horror fan. I think SRK is one of those individuals who really likes working on interesting projects like this. Don’t forget, he did work in Chamatkar, did a cameo in Bhootnath, was there in Pahel and gave Indian one of its first sci-fi movie, Ra.One.  Maybe that’s the reason Red Chillies is bankrolling this Netflix original horror webseries

Now, Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Productions is bringing Patrick Graham’s Betaal to Netflix. And in a masterstroke of promotions, Shah Rukh Khan has now invited everyone in the lockdown an opportunity to make a horror movie.

There are some rules to it, but people making horror movies and bootstrap movies shouldn’t even need to read those roles. Basically, he wants us to make a horror movie with whatever props and characters you have.

Watch Betaal Trailer:

Because all of us are in the lockdown, its a given that the movie should be shot in our rooms or in the vicinity of our homes. Don’t diss it before you try it. Some of the most successful Hollywood horror movies started out as short horror movies and indie movies.

Most notably, Paranormal Activity started out as a personal project which has turned into a multiple sequel franchise. Recently, Lights Out, started out as a one minute short horror movie, and that’s evolved into a full fledged horror movie as well.

The Netflix Original horror webseries streams on May 24. 

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