Betaal Proves Big Bollywood is Ready for Horror Plunge

The Betaal trailer is bound to raise a question in a Bollywood horror movies’ fan’s mind. Why didn’t SRK do this before? Bollywood horror movie fans have always been a bitter lot. They know they are willing and able to spend to watch a ‘good’ horror movie. Somehow the industry hasn’t supported them – until now.

The horror genre has been around since the forties. Mahal (1949) is the first mainstream Bollywood horror movie. Post the seventies, the Ramsays went full throttle and made a dozen and more horror movies that changed the face of Indian horror movies.

Those movies were closer to Hammer than Hitchcock, and horror movies became low-brow entertainment that wasn’t arthouse. There were exceptions, of course. The eighties saw some eminently watchable horror movies like Gehrayee and Mangalsutra.

The sleaze, the fly by night operators, the cost-cutting, all of it was visible for even newcomers. They stayed away from debuting in Bollywood horror movies. Soon, the big names remained missing from production houses that made horror movies as well.

By the 2000s, only Vikram Bhatt and Ram Gopal Varma were the reputed names making Bollywod horror movies consistently. Raj and Krishna revived horror with fun movies like Go, Goa Gone but weren’t successful – today they are, but they weren’t at that time.

But there’s good news at the end of this cloud, because big names have now decided to give the horror genre a go. Here are the top three names that are entering the horror genre:

Shah Rukh Khan is Producing Betaal

Shah Rukh Khan is producing a Netflix Original Horror series, Betaal. The story is inherently Indian, with Indian mercernaries having to defeat the spirits of British soldiers. I don’t think there will be a SRK cameo, but well, its not like he did one in Bard of Blood either.

Watch Betaal Trailer:

Shah Ruk has his heart in the horror genre since a while now. One of his earlier movies, Chamatkar was a Bollywood horror movie. It had Naseeruddin Shah play a lovable ghost. He did cameos in the Amitabh Bachchan starrer Bhootnath. He was also part of Paheli, the movie based on a supernatural folklore story.

In the Betaal backdrop, he has invited people to make a short horror movie during the quarantine period. Now that’s marketing, and that’s Shah Rukh.

Akshay Kumar Said Yes to Bollywood Horror Movie Laxxmi Bomb

Akshay Kumar is the mass entertainer today because he understands what the audience wants and goes towards it gradually. Now, he will be hitting the streaming channels in June with his Bollywood horror movie, Laxxmi Bomb.

Laxxmi Bomb is about a man who fears ghosts. Three different spirits possess his body. It was a smash hit in the South and the buzz looks good in the North and West region as well.

Kumar is the producer of the Bollywood horror movie, so this proves that he’s totally confident that a horror movie  – a horror comedy and an Akshay Kumar horror movie, at that, will make money at the box office.

Ajay Devgn is making a movie on the Ramsays

And in a move that could revive campy horror in India, Ajay Devgn has announced that he is making a biographical on the Ramsays, the ones who held the horror flag high from the seventies to the nineties with their Bollywood horror movies.

With this,  even Ajay is putting his money in the mother of all horror movies, so that’s another booster shot for any creator looking for funding for a horror movie.

Younger audiences must be wondering why Aamir Khan and Salman Khan aren’t in this list. Aamir and Salman have had their share of horror and other genre movies in the nineties. Aamir starred in Tum Mere Ho, a movie about shapeshifting snakes. Salman Khan starred in Suryavanshi, a movie with a reincarnation theme.

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