Bhoot Part 1 Releases In Movie Footage

Bhoot Part 1 The Haunted Ship got a trailer release a few days back. This was after the teaser launch, and the Dharma announcement that it was going dark. The Bollywood horror movie releases on 21 February, that’s still a couple of weeks away. Today,  Dharma released a video that reveals one of the jumps scares. This makes me think that Dharma is heavily invested in the movie. But I wonder what they’re planning to do. There’s a PR behemoth happening.  I think they want to make the movie a cultural phenomenon and not just a horror movie that hits theaters.

Watch the Bhoot Scare 1 Video here:

But a midweek video launch would mean that Dharma has more of these, which essentially reveal the jump scares and critical moments in the movie. I think that this takes away from the viewing experience. Also, most of us will be watching these videos on the laptops or even phones – not the best devices to watch a one minute video.

I mean. nobody’s going to file a one minute video for future viewing, right? They’ll be watching this Bhoot Part 1 The Haunted Ship video in well-lit offices, in broad daylight on the railway platforms. Doesn’t this make them familiar with the environs that they’ll be paying to watch – as they’re supposed to be – just ten days down the line? The fear of the unknown is the best fear’s out there. Dharma, after keeping the Bollywood horror movie’s story under wraps, might just ruin the entire viewing experience for the audience.

Also, now that the video’s out and for all to see, after multiple viewings, I am finding the CGI to be somewhere between bad and very bad.  This worries me. I really, really want this movie to work well at the box office.

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