Bhoot Part One Review: A Horror Movie Nobody Wanted

Bhoot Part One is an anticipated Bollywood horror movie. It is proof that an entire industry is trying to embrace a genre considered B-grade and cheap. But with the success of movies like Stree, big productions are looking at the genre with an interest. That gave rise to several big-ticket projects and Bhoot Part One is one of them. There are some more, like Laxxmi Bomb. But is Bhoot Part One a worthy candidate? Here’s our review.

Bhoot Part One Plot:

A ghost ship lands on the Juhu Port. Young investigating officer Pratap (Vicky Kaushal), has to find out how the ship made its way to the place. He’s a man with a past – he lost his wife and kid in a boating accident.

Bhoot Part One Review:

When new minds and producers with money come into a new genre, the genre audience is happy. In such circumstances, the movie doesn’t remain a movie – becomes a yardstick by which audiences and critics speak about the genre. Unfortunately, Bhoot is not the big-ticket yardstick for Bollywood horror movies. That still remains Stree.

With Bhoot, director Bhanu Pratap goes out to make a typical horror movie. The same horror movie tropes that woke reviewers and audiences poke fun at – because they are right at home in a Ramsay or even one of the initial Bhatt movie. Think about it, Ashutosh Rana actually was a paranormal investigator in a Bhatt movie.

In another article, I had pointed out that the CGI looks cheap. I thought that the magic of a ‘bada parda’ might change that. But no, the CGI still looks as cheap as it can.

Bhoot Part One once again proves that there very few people in the industry who can make a real horror movie, and anyone poking fun at  them just shouldn’t. Think about it, this movie still has the same old trope of a professor of the supernatural telling the protagonist what to do and what not to do.

Vicky Kaushal, who stars in his next big project, is the sole redeeming factor in the movie. With the limited jump scares and a lame back story that’s straight out of a movie that premieres on YouTube in the middle of the week.

Director Bhanu Pratap Singh doesn’t do him any favors. Right from his entry sequence, that’ll remind you of the eighties, till the very end, Vicky’s character is unidimensional – a  man who’s going through pain and has to save the world. Unfortunately, Kaushal is no Arnold or Sylvester Stallone.

In a Nutshell:

Why can’t we have a horror movie that’s as much the journey of an atheist into the realm of the supernatural, where he or she not just agrees that something wicked their way comes, but also defeats it. The man-with-the-plan has been around since forever in a Bollywood horror movie. With Bhoot Part One taking the same route, it all looks like very lazy writing.

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