Blade Reboot Sees Wesley Snipes As Dracula?

A brand new season of tent pole movies is upon us and so are the rumors pertaining to them. Chief among them is the Blade reboot, which is part of Marvel’s Phase 5. Mahershah Ali is all set to play the Daywalker. Then, there are these rumors that Wesley Snipes will return to the franchise that made him and vice-versa.  Those rumors say that Wesley Snipes is up in line to play Dracula – this makes him one of the first person of color to play the legendary horror character. F

Fans need to take this rumor about Blade reboot with loads of salt though. The problems between Snipes, the director of the original Blade movie series are stuff of legends in the Hollywood community. Since then, Snipes has sobered down and even had a starring role in The Expendables 3, making him big material once again. Let’s see how these rumors pan out, because I’d like to see Wesley backin’ and packin’ once again.

Watch Blade trailer here:

Wesley was the star of three Blade movies, with the third movie, Blade: Trinity bringing a stop to the franchise. It opened to very bad reviews. Reviewers had too many problems with the movie. Chief among them being the character of Whistler, replaced by a young female character, introduced as Whistler’s daughter.

There have been rumors of Dracula playing the villain in Blade reboot, so these rumors are adding the fuel to the all-around rumors for the Blade reboot.  The Blade reboot has a release date as well, 2022. That’s two long years of rumors, confirmations, back-outs and the final jamboree of that’s evident before a big release.

This will be a rare occurrence when a person who has played the protagonist will play an antagonist in different movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger played the antagonist in the original Terminator. He played the protagonist in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. In fact, they even went ahead and created a cool backstory as to how the face that killed became the face that saved in the next movie.

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