Blumhouse is about to respawn Spawn

Blumhouse Spawn

Blumhouse is on a rebooting spree. We hear now that there’s a respawn for Spawn in the works.  The original movie, launched in 1997, was a failure at the box office and since then, any franchise idea has gone into cold storage, until now.  The movie did decent business, garnering almost double its budget of $45 million, but critics savaged the film as it hit the theaters. However, modern audiences have liked the movie. Maybe that’s what brought the title to the list of new horror movies.

The new  Spawn, tentatively labeled Spawn 2, is in development hell since 2015, when creator Todd McFarlane announced the big-screen adaptation.  Sometime in 2017, Blumhouse came on board as the Producers. In 2018, Jamie Foxx joined the cast to headline the superhero film adaptation.

Watch the Spawn (1997) trailer:

Spawn has, like all successful superhero franchises, an emotional story at the crux of it all. A CIA agent, Albert Simmons, makes a deal with the devil, when he is sent to hell because of his life as an assassin., The deal is that Simmons will serve the devil if he is given the chance to meet his wife just once.  Of course, the deal goes awry and we have one of the most violent superheroes on our hands.

Critics didn’t like exactly the aspect that the audiences liked – the overbearing violence, as Rotten Tomatoes described. In fact, one of the critics of that time even referred to Spawn as a poor man’s Batman. Almost all the reviewers made a note of the excessive violence, some merely tolerated it, while others said that it will cater only to the young male audience.  There’s no saying how much of the action component the new Blumhouse film will have. But knowing them, we can be sure that there’s a lot of horror elements.

Blumhouse has its hands pretty full this time of the year. They are making Halloween Kills, which releases in 2020. There’s also the travel-thriller, Fantasy Island as well as a spectacular reboot of the old school horror, The Invisible Man.  Not to mention the fifth film in the Purge franchise, Purge 5.


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