Bollywood Horror Film Starring Emraan Hashmi Is Ezra Remake

Bollywood Horror Film

Emraan Hashmi returns to horror with a Bollywood horror film that’s a remake of the South superhit Ezra. The film’s plot is very different from the plots that we see in Bollywood. Two lovers are separated  – only to have one of them commit suicide and another go brain dead. The father kills the brain dead man, and his soul is trapped in a dybbuk, a box that houses souls. As soon as a Hollywood fan hears the words box and spirits, they remember Pinhead. However, the film has no other similarity to the legendary franchise, other than a soul trapped in a box. You can watch the full Malayalam movie (legally) here:

Emraan Hashmi makes his comeback to Bollywood horror with the untitled Ezra remake. Hashmi was earlier part of the Bollywood Horror Film Raaz: Reboot and Ek Thi Daayan. There’s no clarity about what role Emraan plays in this remake.Emraan has pulled out of the limelight a few times to let someone else play the major, headlining role in films. Jai Krishnan,. who directed the original will direct this film as well. Bhushan Kumar, Kumar Mangat Pathak, Krishan Kumar and Abhishek Pathak will be producing the film.  Along with Emraan, the film also stars Darshana Bani, Manav Kaul, Vipin Sharma, Ivan Sylvester Rodrigues, Nikita Dutta, Vivana Singh and Sudev Nair

Its good to see Emraan returning to the horror/thriller genre – the one that got him all the fame. Emraan made a smashing debut with Murder and then went on to own that franchise as well as Raaz. With the number of mainstream actors and actresses getting into the horror genre, this is good news for the horror fan. Even streaming channels are now looking for horror concepts that are a firm favourite with the audience.

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