OMG! Is The Conjuring 3 script similar to Vikram Bhatt’s Ghost?

Bollywood Horror Film Ghost

Even the staunchest Bollywood horror movies fan will agree that Hollywood  have inspired Bollywood all the while. In fact, some of the horror sequences from a typical Bollywood horror film were direct lifts of popular Hollywood horror movies. Of course, this was in the seventies, eighties and nineties. By the time the new millennium rolled in, producers in India evolved and stopped this trend. However, there have been stray incidents of Hollywood horror movies and Bollywood horror movies being strikingly similar.

And surprises of surprises, all internet buzz points at Bollywood horror film Ghost is similar to The Conjuring 3. Here’s the thing, read this carefully, as its a bit complicated. Vikram Bhatt’s Ghost is about a young man who’s in the dock for killing his wife. A young woman takes on the case, only to find out that the man claims that the devil made him do it. Bhatt has gone on record to say that the film’s inspiration is an old England case.

Watch Vikram Bhatt’s Ghost trailer here:

Vikram Bhatt’s Ghost released on the 18th of October. Now, let’s see what The Conjuring 3 is all about. As far as I read, The Conjuring 3 is is not about a haunted house and will explore lycanthropy. Other reports suggest that James Wan, who’s producing the film, has talked about the premise of the Hollywood horror film – about a man who kills and then says that the devil made him do it. As is well known, The Conjuring franchise is based on the real life experiences of Ed and Lorraine Warren,who had investigated such a case in the early 80s.

But this goes even back. The eighties Bollywood horror film Mahakaal had this as a small story arc – an unmarried couple canoodle in a hotel room, and the girl is killed by an evil spirit. The police suspects the boyfriend, who absconds. Finally, he gives up and gets killed in the prison.

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