Bollywood Horror Film Ghost Is Eerily Similar to Mahakaal

Mahakaal Bollywood Horror Film

Bollywood horror film Ghost has got an official poster. The Vikram Bhatt directorial stars Sanaya Irani, Shivam Bhargava and others. According to this article on Firstpost, real incidents inspired the story of the film. Director Vikram Bhatt revealed that a news article about a British Court allowing spirits to be tried for murder inspired him. A politician of Indian origin is in the dock for murdering his wife. Shivam Bhargava plays Karan Khanna, the politician accused of murdering his wife. Sanaya Irani plays the lawyer.

I am sure Vikram will make this a gritty court room drama with horror elements. But we shouldn’t forget Mahakaal, the Bollywood horror film that handled a similar subject, albeit in a very campy manner. In Mahakaal, a group of friends go off to a picnic and a couple among them spend the night together. That night, the woman dies after the staple demon attack. The boyfriend becomes the prime subject. No, there was no court case or anything in Mahakaal, but this arc plays an important role in the film. That’s because the Last Girl (Archana Puran Singh in this case) plays an instrumental role in arresting the said boyfriend.  Many accused Mahakaal of being a ripoff of Nightmare on Elm’s Street, but that’s another article for another day.

The Ramsays play an integral role in Bollywood horror film history. There’s every chance that Vikram Bhatt doesn’t even know Mahakaal had something like this, that’s for us bloggers to find out. But in the nineties, several directors took direct inspiration from the Ramsay films, like Tahkhana, Veerana and just made them in a zero budget.


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