Ghost Wants To Try Ghosts For Murder

Bollywood horror film Ghost just got a brand new trailer over at YouTube. Vikram Bhatt directs the film under his Loneranger Productions banner. As IHC previously reported, the film’s premise is eerily similar to a story arc in Mahakaal. With the trailer though, its evident that there’ll be no similarity in the execution of the concept. Sanaya Irani plays a lawyer whose client (Shivam Bhargava) is accused of killing his wife. Sanaya has to prove in court that a spirit is responsible for the gruesome death.

In Mahakaal, a couple go for a late night liason, but the demon that haunts everyone kills the woman. The police officers now think that her boyfriend is the killer. Finally, the police apprehend him and arrest him. However, the boyfriend also meets his fate at the hands of the monster in the prison, later on. Vikram Bhatt confirms that the real life events inspired the film’s story. A British Court once allowed ghosts to be the party charged with the crime. Vikram Bhatt produces this paranormal-courtroom drama (that’s a thing now). Vikram Bhatt and Vashu  Bhagnani direct this Bollywood horror film.

Vikram Bhatt fans will see the Bhatt touches throughout the trailer. The foreign locales, the scrubbed clean visuals and the jump-scares that exist all around in the trailer. Sanaya Irani has had some interesting roles, post her tv stint. She was a part of the cast of Fanaa and Dum Dum Dumroo. In 2018, she was part of the thriller Pihu as well. Shivam Bhargava recently starred in the web series Bombers and The Trip.

Ghost releases in theaters on October 18. Watch the trailer here:

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