Salman Khan Was Part of a Bollywood Horror Film

Salman, Shah Rukh or Aamir, all of them have pulp cinema like Nischaiy, Raam Jaane and Tum Mere Ho to their credit.  Shah Rukh has a couple of horror films to his name. Aamir Khan has  a film with a ghost. Akshay Kumar has Bhool Bhulaiya. Amitabh and Dharmendra have  out and out horror films to their name.  When it comes to the list, people wonder ifSalman Khan has acted in a Bollywood horror film or not.

Before the millennials say that its sacrilege to even think Planet Salman ever landed in the slum called Bollywood horror, here’s an eye-opener. Salman was part of the industry in the nineties. The nineties weren’t a good time for even the biggest of Bollywood stars. Amitabh was doing Aaj ka Arjun and Insaniyat. Shah Rukh was doing Ram Jaane.  Aamir was doing Tum Mere Ho and Rupaye Dus Hazaar. This is one of the few sites that will tell you , along with Wikipedia, but its the truth. God forbid they ever try to spin this. Salman Khan, has starred in one of the juiciest, campiest and happiest Bollywood horror film to ever exist – Suryavanshi. That film’s a triple threat. Suryavanshi is a horror film, a medieval fantasy film and has a reincarnation theme. Bhai ne ek hi film mein teeno ka kaam tamaam kar diya.

The cast comprised of Amrita Singh and Sheeba. Sheeba, back then known for her dare-bare roles, was a welcome change in the nineties. Amrita Singh finally got a meaty role in a film, so what if she played a soul who’s waiting for her dead lover. And that brings us to Salman Khan’s role. Salman Khan plays a blonde haired prince in medieval India (don’t ask why he’s blonde) with a stalker princess. And you think stalking only happens in modern times. The stalker princess dies and returns to haunt the prince’s reincarnation. This film didn’t do so well at the box office. However, it has gained a cult status now. Suryavanshi was in good hands. Its cast comprised of the horror veterans Puneet Issar, Ajit Vacchani and Shakti Kapoor. The film’s available on YouTube. Watch it here:

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