WWE Is Using Horror To Up The Ante

Like it or hate it, horror is the genre that everyone goes back to when the chips are down. Move in the producer circles and you will hear words like ‘Make a horror film, it’s got an captive audience’. Move along and about in the TV circuit and you will hear things like, “Let’s add a temporary supernatural arc to this series, comedy bhi chalega‘.  In fact the mainstream film industry is looking at more and more big budget Bollywood horror films and their sequels. Even mainstream franchises are adding a horror aspect to it. So, what’s to stop Vince McMahon to go the horror way? After all, one of his biggest sellouts, The Undertaker, was literally billed as ‘From Death Valley’ and ‘Parts Unknown’ for a long time.

WWE has had some characters inspired by horror and even psychological horror. Papa Shango played a shaman. The Boogeyman used to eat worms. Doink The Clown had an evil Doink. So on and so forth. But all of these were mid-carders that never really got to play to their full potential. The Undertaker, on the other hand, single handedly brought out WWE from the Monday Night Wars and has since then become an Untouchable and a guaranteed Hall of Famer.

Though the WWE took a massive blow to the audiences by breaking the streak – word on the street is that The Undertaker himself wanted the streak to break and he literally met Brock Lesnar and told him to do it – it is still banking on creating another character with an aura and mystique that puts ‘asses onto chairs’. That’s what they seem to be doing with Bray Wyatt and his alter ego, The Fiend. Interestingly, this is one – or two – characters that Vince has no creative input whatsoever into. Bray Wyatt, relegated to the mid-card sometime last year came up with this character all by himself.

The Fiend has had a great run until now. What with lights going off at his entrance and him beating down the likes of Finn Balor, Mick Foley, Kurt Angle and others. His videos and his live performances remind one of the retro Bollywood horror films.  He seems to be all set to go for a Hell in a Cell match. But don’t forget, even Finn Balor has a devil hidden deep inside him.

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