The Fiend To Fight The Undertaker at Clash of the Champions?

The Fiend is new, The Undertaker is legendary. The Undertaker almost single-handedly pulled the WWE through the 90s towards the 00s. He is the business. The Fiend, meanwhile, is a character right out of psychological thriller Bollywood horror films. People who are so long in the business routinely lie down to push younger, more exciting talent. So, its logical for The Undertaker to have a match or even a feud with The Fiend sometime in the future. Now, because the WWE doesn’t always do what’s logical for the millions of fans, we look for clues for stuff like this. And Bray Wyatt did give a little clue the last time we visited the fun house. The clock was timed at 11:19.  Since then, the Internet has gone in a tizzy about what that reference means. It’s points to many facts, but the most exciting is that it is a reference to the Undertaker’s debut, 11/9/1990.

All this could lead to a Undertaker V Fiend skirmish at Clash of the Titans on Tuesday. Then, depending on how things work out, this could be one of the weird/cool additions to Wrestlemania. The Undertaker is still a main draw and this addition could send Wrestlemania ticket sales to phenomenal levels. The Fiend has been attacking veterans since a while now. And what better veteran than The Undertaker to cement his place in the world of sports entertainment. Won’t we all want a  horror film that has The Fiend and The Undertaker as two slasher/happy people? That’s a franchise of Bollywood horror films waiting to happen.

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