Ramanand Sagar’s Sita Is The Lead of Bollywood Horror Film Cheekh

Two names synonymous with mythological content in the nineties were the Sagars and Deepika Chikalia. Deepika Chikalia played Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s magnum opus Ramayan. That role propelled her to superstardom. Unfortunately, Deepika wasn’t part of many other films post that. Whether the jinx of ultra popular roles got to her or she just didn’t want to play any other role, nobody knows. However, what we do know is that the character who played Sita is also part of horror folklore.

She played the Final Girl in one of the many obscure Bollywood horror movies, Cheekh. She was paired opposite the horror film veteran Javed Khan. The cast comprises of Raza Murad as well. This film released in 1985. Two years down the line, India experienced Ramayana.

Cheekh has a legit interesting concept. I’d say original if I didn’t know how even the most obscure movie can inspire some young director. A newly married couple is just about settling in their marital life when the wife accidentally kills her husband’s friend.

To hide this fact, they embalm his corpse and keep it in the house, only for a spirit to possess the embalmed corpse and go on a killing spree. Deepika, even before her Ramayana days did portray a ‘virtuous woman’ at least in this film.  She wears mainly white or light colored apparel.

The other girls go on to wear a riot of colors. Deepika’s character also wears one of the most prominent ‘sindoors’ in Bollywood horror movies history. Though, of course, there’s the typical riverside song, the mandatory bathroom scene to denote new couples, so on and so forth.

Even through all that, Deepika retains a kind of innocent charm instead of outright sleaze.  This Bollywood horror film is available on Cinecurry. Deepika’s last role was in the Marathi film, Natsamrat.

You can watch Deepika Chikalia’s film, Cheekh here:

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