Colaba Murders Details Are Right Out Of Bollywood Horror Movies

Typical Bollywood horror movies have shocking and unbelievable story arcs. That’s what actually makes it a fiction. However, now and then, these story arcs and details are eerily similar to real life. In a weird case, reel seems to take inspiration from the real. Anil Chugani killed his neighbor’s 3 year old daughter, and comes across as a deranged killer. Anil threw his neighbor’s 3 year old daughter from a high rise.

While that’s shocking, investigations reveal that the man thought the death of the young girl would bring him fame and prosperity. The investigation  shows that the man made a diary with information about his daily life, including the tv serials that he watches.  Details are now trickling out. Anil confessed that supernatural powers ordered him to to commit the murder. It gets eerier. Chugani told a woman colleague of him that he was a victim of black magic and was forced to kill.

This is eerily similar to the Son of Sam murderer, David Berkowitz, who said that a neighborhood dog ordered him to murder the women. That information was the most talked about during the initial investigation. However, the Netflix web series Mindhunter says that all the ‘dog told him to do it’ was a clever ruse. Our prayers are with the parents of the young girl who died a needless death at the hands of a man who seems to be mentally imbalanced. All around, its a sad situation. Instances like these weird us out. We enjoy the camp, the sleaze and the low-brow entertainment that horror films provide, especially Bollywood horror movies. When such an instance occurs, it does hamper our suspension of disbelief.


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