Pooja Bedi Debuted with one of the cheesiest Bollywood Horror Movies

India remembers Pooja Bedi’s iconic role in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar.  That’s the scene that turned boys to men. Since then, the audience knows Pooja Bedi for her bold roles. Few will know that Bedi actually debuted in a Bollywood Horror film, and in one of the cheesiest Bollywood horor movies.  That film’s the 1991 Vishkanya. Kabir Bedi and Moon Moon Sen were also part of the cast. Even Wikipedia affirms that Pooja Bedi’s debut was Vishkanya.

Vishkanya is a template of a typical Bollywood horror film that created a glut in the nineties. This is one of those Bollywood horror movies that are just not around on the Internet nowadays.  A couple are killed, and their daughter takes revenge. Only, this time, the girl doesn’t have a superpower, she is a vishkanya, a snake who can take the form of a woman. This Bollywood horror film has the typical scenes as well, rain dances, sexual molestation scenes, comedy scenes thrust into the screenplay to add duration, so on and so forth. Bedi’s also suffers from 90slookitis. In fact, seems like the director hasn’t paid too much attention to her look and her attire. This could be a common case in the nineties, when second generation and famous actors had the option of deciding what to wear and controlled their look.

Bollywood Horror Movies

Vishkanyas and icchadari nagins have fascinated content creators since time incarnate. In India, such content has become very popular. Every television channel has something or the other related to this subject going on. Unfortunately, there’s very little evidence of this Bollywood horror film on the Internet. YouTube had a good print, but that print has disappeared. In lieu, there’s a blurred out print that doesn’t do any justice to the 90s razzmatazz that Vishkanya could have. You can watch Vishkanya for free here. Enjoy the experience!

Watch the film here:

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