Bollywood Horror Film Veerana DVD costs a Whopping $149

Bollywood horror movies enthusiasts know this secret – if a horror film DVD is worth more than 50 rupees, its not worth it. The enthusiast revels in the irreverence  the horror industry has to mainstream things, cost of DVD being one. In fact, in India, there’s just one seller who stocks DVDs to some of the most obscure Bollywood horror movies.So, its interesting to see the price of an Indian horror film in the foreign markets. A bit hard to believe, but the Ramsay classic, Veerana, sells on for a whopping $149. Translated into Indian rupees, that’s a little more than 10000 rupees. You can literally buy a Mi Phone and stream Veerana for free on YouTube for that money.  That cost is ten times more than the cost of the Bahubali Blu-Ray, worth 999 rupees.

Veerana, the 1998 classic from the House of Ramsay, is about a possessed woman who goes on a killing spree, until her sister decides to save not just her but the village that’s the victim of a supernatural onslaught as well. Veerana stars Jasmine, Sahila Chadha, Hemant Birje, Satish Shah and others. Veerana jumpstarted the Bollywood horror industry and there’s been looking back for Indian content creators since then. The DVD is a double feature. Along with Veerana, buyers also get a copy of Purani Haveli. Purani Haveli is about a rich family that buys a mansion, only to find that its haunted. One by one, as the family members die, the step-daughter unravels a horrifying conspiracy.

Of course, you can watch Veerana for free here:

The DVD released in 2009. The sale’s under the Mondo Macabro brand. Apparently that’s one of the most respected names in kitsch horror back in the states. With the price that its available it, this makes it a collector’s item. This is just desserts for the Ramsays. For decades, mainstream fans considered their brand of cinema to be cheap. But this price tells a wholly different story.  More power to them.

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