Bollywood Horror Movies We Might Lose This Decade: Hatyarin

Bollywood horror movies mean the Ramsays for an entire generation. The Ramsay family were instrumental in keeping the horror genre alive for three decades until the likes of Vikram Bhatt and Ram Gopal Varma took over. Film historians and journalists of yore will know these names – Mohan Bhakri, Harinam Singh, Kanti Shah, Vinod Talwar and others. Kanti Shah is still active, but the others like Bhakri and Singh aren’t as much as they should be.

Vinod Talwar made several Bollywood horror movies like Wohi Bhayanak Raat and Raat Ke Andhere Main. These films were the template of slasher-cinema that ruled Bollywood in the late eighties and nineties. Unfortunately, these films might soon be lost to time. One of his films, Hatyarin is no longer available at Induna. The YouTube version is of very bad quality. Even the official channels like SEPL don’t have a good print of this Bollywood Horror Film.

Other YouTube channels host the same video file. Interestingly, Hatyarin is a 1991 release. That’s  just five years after the Ramsays film Veerana. Veerana is still available on the DVD circuit and in a stunning print on YouTube.

Bollywood Horror Movies

Hatyarin is unique because of several factors. It stars almost the whole Bollywood Horror film industry. Raza Murad, Javed Khan, Shreepada, Ajit Vachchani, Rana Jung Bahadur, Deepak Parashar, Amita Nangia. Basically, it’s the small budget version of a Jaani Dushman or a Nagin, the two Bollywood horror films that infused interest in the genre once again. So, it’d be fun to see so many characters meeting their gory deaths at the hands of a murderess – who may or may not be a witch.

These situations make me think Goldmines is a godsend for the Bollywood horror industry. They ensure that a good print of the top rated Ramsay films are available. It is time that some company take up a project that saves lesser known titles, so younger Bollywood horror fans will know that the horror genre wasn’t just about the Ramsays and the Bhatts.

Watch Bollywood horror movie Hathyarin here:


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