5 Must Subscribe YouTube Channels For Bollywood Horror Fans

Paying insane amounts for the various streaming channels is passe and mainstream. With so many streaming channels out there now, there’s an urgent need for a cheap (read free) portal that will allow us to watch whatever we want (read retro Bollywood horror movies) – and YouTube has us covered. Wading through the list of YouTube channels looking for good channels with official content is difficult today. There’s so much of stuff going around, you just don’t know which YouTube channel is the real goods. Fret not, Indian Horror Club has you covered. This list contains the five most relevant YouTube channels for those who wish free access to Bollywood horror movies, horror tv shows and suspense shows on TV.

Bollywood Horror Films

#1 Goldmines Hindi

There’s no channel like Goldmines Hindi for those looking for Bollywood horror film. The channel boasts of holding the rights to the most popular Ramsay films, including Veerana, Tehkhana, Purana Mandir, Purani Haveli, Bandh Darwaza, and others. In fact, only those films that Goldmines picks up are available in good, viewable quality today. Visit the channel now!

#2 Ultra Movie Parlour

After Goldmines, Ultra Movie Parlour knows what it’s gotten into. The homepage has the films distributed into lists like Bollywood suspense films, Bollywood horror films, etc. Have a look see here.

#3 Cinecurry Classics

Cinecurry Classics boasts of a huge inventory as well. But then, the channel has more mainstream films than horror ones. The channel has films that date back to the sixties, including fantasy, mythological and what passed as Bollywood horror films back then. Have a look at what they offer.

#4 SEPL Video

Thank God for SEPL. SEPL is the go-to channel for your late night cravings for horror. This channel has some obscure Bollywood horror films as well. In fact, the channel has uploaded a video yesterday, that’s the film Khandala House. See what goes on here

#5 Shemaroo

Shemaroo has more mainstream content than Bollywood horror. But the inventory makes it worth it. The YouTube channel needs to hire a good SEO writer – some of their titles are appended by ‘Best Bollywood Film’. See what’s available here.


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