Bollywood Horror/Sci-fi Movies With Unknown Futures

Bollywood horror movies are a tricky scenario today and they were a tricker scenario back in the seventies and eighties. Bollywood horror hit its nadir in the nineties, with  B Grade, C Grade and even Z Grade movies cropping up in theaters – and sometimes not coming in the theaters at all.

Bollywood horror movies fans will tell you about several movies that reached the announcement and even production stage, but never reached the theaters – or had a very fractured release. This list contains the names of four such movies. There might be several reasons why these movies didn’t release. With the advent of streaming and smaller platforms being creative and inventive with their fundings, maybe we can see a release of these movies soon.

Veerana 2

Veerana is one of the most famous Bollywood horror movies. Coming from the Ramsay stable, this is one of the big three of the Bollywood horror movies. There have been rumors of a Veerana 2, with Sasha Ramsay frequently saying that she wants to make a sequel or at least remake the movie.  I am sure there are more movies like Veerana 2 – which directors and producers want to make but don’t have the resources to. With Ajay Devgn now making a movie on the Ramsays, I think there will be a surge of the Ramsay brand of content.

Mr. India 2

Not really a horror movie, but nevertheless, I don’t think there’s any horror movies fan who wouldn’t want an Mr. India 2. Rumors about the movie hit the mainstream media a year ago. There were talks that Salman Khan would star in the sequel.  We all know that Anil Kapoor can still play the lead in such a movie. Sadly, we lost Amrish Puri and Sridevi in the recent past, but several others are in line to complete the cast.

Time Machine

This is another movie that made its way to the rumor mills but didn’t move forward. This was supposed to be Shekhar Kapur, the Mr. India director’s magnum opus after Mr. India. In the nineties, the reports said that India didn’t have the technology to make that movie. I don’t know what happened to the movie post that. The cast included Aamir Khan, Naseeruddin Shah and Raveena Tandon,


Oh My God, the trailer of this movie. Nobody thought that this Bollywood sci-fi movie would not see the light of the day. Starring Amitabh Bachchan and others, the trailer had a massive blockbuster all over it. The trailer launched during the time of Lord of the Rings and dominated the headlines for a while, until the movie sputtered to a halt.  The trailer reveals the script takes inspiration from the tale of Chandrakanta. The graphics may seem aged today, but were the best back in the day.

Watch Taalisman trailer here:

Maut ka Saaya

Bollywood Horror Movies

This is one of the most interesting projects on this list. It’s a Ramsay production, and at least a theater image card exists. Its  a creature horror movie, and the panel announces it as a Tulsi Ramsay directorial. The actors on the theater card suspiciously look like Anil Dhawan, Sachin and Deepak Parashar Kumar. Deepak has been part of some Ramsay movies, but I don’t think Sachin ever acted in a horror movie.

Phone Bhoot

The rumors about this Bollywood horror movie are pretty new. The rumors say that Katrina Kaif is part of the movie, her first Bollywood horror movie. There’s no official confirmation from any of the cast and crew. Read this IHC report to know more.

These are the Bollywood horror movies and sci-fi movies that reached the announcement stage and even production stage, but never reached the theaters. Have any to add? Tell us in the comments section.

X Zone

X Zone might be the only movie in this list that disappeared because of censor issues. My research shows that the movie’s shot and all processes are done and over with, but it faced some issues at the censors. Since then, the movie’s in limbo, with the producer promising that the Bollywood horror movie will release soon enough. X Zone is the most complete movie on this list. It has a Facebook page, several teasers and trailers up on YouTube and everything that hints at a release.

Watch the X Zone videos here:

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