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Bollywood SciFi movies are few and far in between. Some of them make it to the big screen, some of them have a grand announcement and then are in Shelve-land. Some of them are still a twinkle in the eye of the producer/writer/director who envisioned it decades ago. So, we have very few Bollywood SciFi movies. Even the ones that eventually meet their fate at the big screen aren’t pure SciFi – there’s Holi songs, Indian family drama and love triangles in the screenplay for good measure to cater to the masses. Here’s a list of the must-watch Bollywood sci-fi movies:

#1 Mr. India (1987)

Of course, the grand-daddy of them all that’s many things apart from a Bollywood sci-fi movie. It’s an adolescent’s dream, a perfect screen-pay that has aged well, and iconic characters that still inspire movie-makers, decades after the movie released.

Anil Kapoor plays a young man who’s taking care of orphan children. Sridevi plays a feisty journalist who won’t stop before she unravels every evil and every ounce of corruption. Amrish Puri plays the legendary Mogambo, India’s first supervillain, who wants to rule over not just India but the whole world. All these characters come together to create a legendary good-vs-evil story.

Shekhar Kapur’s brilliant vision creates an ageless story. The movie was a smash-hit at the box office and of course gave rise to a SciFi themed movies. Kapur himself planned Time Machine, another SciFi movie, but we know nothing about the future of that movie.

Watch Kaate Nahi Katate From Mr. India:

#2 Robot (2008)

If you find the second movie in this franchise a bit over-produced, you are not alone. The first movie though is a masterpiece that has the right to stand tall with the Hollywood sci-fi movies. Starring Rajnikanth in the rare Bollywood movie – before his Kabali phase – this movie covered several aspects of sci-fi in our lives, including the risk they pose.

In Robot, Rajnikant plays a double role. He’s a scientist who makes one of the first AI robots, Chitti (who he portrays). Life goes for a tos when the robot gains conscience and starts behaving like a human.  Shankar’s vision, Rajnikant’s legendary popularity and Aishwarya Rai’s charm made this a clear winner.

Watch Robot Trailer here:

#3 Krrish  (2013)

When a SciFi movie gives rise to a superhero series, you know you have done something right. Rakesh Roshan has given us several interesting movies, but we as an audience are most thankful for the Krrish franchise. The first movie in the series, Koi Mil Gaya… was a movie aimed at being a kids’ fantasy-SciFi trope. The popularity and success gave rise to a whole new franchise that’s going strong.  It went on to become the backstory of one of India’s first legit superheroes, Krrish.

Watch Krrish 3 trailer here:

#4 Ra.One (2011)

Nobody can say that this movie didn’t have the spirit of a well-intentioned movie. The movie didn’t do well at the box office for several reasons, but the CGI and the concept were great. Ra.One was  a tentpole movie that could have created a deluge of SciFi movies, and increasing the number of movies in this list. Unfortunately, apart from the ever popular Chammak Challo and Criminal songs, nothing was memorable about the movie – in a good way.

Watch Ra.One trailer:

#5 Toonpur ka Superhero (2010)

Take it from me, I think Ajay Devgn is a kid at heart who’s heartthrobs for movies that are IHC certified. That must be one of the reasons he produced Toonpur ka Superhero, a movie ahead of its time. The movie’s has several layers to it – but above all, it’s a young man fulfilling the dreams of his children – that never gets old.

Devgn plays an actor who’s a superhero on screen. His kids don’t believe in him until all of them are sucked into an animated world. Toonpur ka Superhero makes for an excellent Sunday morning watch. With characters like the evil Jagaro, Rubdoot, Devtoons and Toonasurs. It makes me wonder why this didn’t become a full-fledged franchise like Krrish.

Watch Toonpur ka Superhero trailer;

#6 Prince (2010)

The Bourne franchise was a smash hit in India, and of course, someone decided to become an indigenous super-soldier. So, Vivek Oberoi became one  – at least on screen. Prince is complete with the McGuffin, twists in the tale and some exemplary action sequences. For some reason, the movie didn’t do well at the box office, putting a stop to any ideas of a sequel or a reboot that the makers might have had.

Oberoi plays a thief who uses advanced tools to carry out robberies. One day, he wakes up and has forgotten everything. As he begins his journey to regain his memory, he has to clash with some of the most powerful and evil men.

Watch Prince Trailer:

#7 Taarzan: The Wonder Car (2004)

More Ajay Devgn in this list makes him my favorite actor. He’s already getting brownie points for announcing that he’s making a movie on the Ramsays. Taarzan: The Wonder Car makes him a sci-fi alum already. The movie is a simple story about an inventor, Dev, (Devgn) who invents the futurist car, only for his business enemies to kill him off. Years later, his son, Raj (Vatsal) finds the car and all hell breaks loose for the enemies. The car systematically kills all of Dev’s killers and Raj ends up being a suspect.

Watch Taarzan The Wonder Car Trailer:

#8 Andhera (1975)

Not many know this, but the Ramsays made a SciFi movie as well, possibly one of the earliest to not have a treasure story or a world domination one. In Andhera, a don’s driver falls in love with the don’s sister. If they lose themselves in the throes of passion, the don is enraged, and cuts off the driver’s hands. The driver makes artificial hands and then proceeds to kill everyone responsible for his situation.

Modern viewing platforms list Andhera as a horror movie – maybe that’s because it comes from the Ramsay camp – but its actually an out and out SciFi movie. It could be one of the earliest full-fledged Bollywood SciFi movies, actually.

Watch Andhera movie here:

#9 Elaan (1971)

Elaan is another of the earliest  Bollywood SciFi movies and has two of the most debonair actors from a time gone by, Vinod Mehra plays Naresh, a journalist who’s investigating mysterious occurrences on an island. Vinod Khanna plays the antagonist. The movie has most of the staples of a Bollywood scifi movie, like a mysterious artifact, an abandoned island and of course, an espionage angle.

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