Brahms: The Boy II brings The Boy Back

Brahms: The Boy II just got a terrifying trailer. The first movie that released in 2016 made much more than its initial budget of $10 million. Though the Hollywood horror movie opened to middling reviews, it certainly has carved a place for itself in the horror genre.

In the first movie, a housekeeper finds out that her new employers want her to take care of a porcelain doll that they claim is their son. Murder, death, and mayhem follow the woman later in the movie, creating another interesting character for horror fans.

In the second horror movie, a family moves into a house, only to have their son first talk about an imaginary friend and finally have the porcelain doll creep into their lives.

Watch Brahms: The Boy II trailer here:

Brahms: The Boy II stars Katie Holmes, Ralph Ineson, Anjali Jay, Owain Yeoman, Christopher Convery and others. Stacey Menear writes the script and William Brent Bell directs. William is a horror movie alumni, having movies like Stay Alive, The Devil Inside, Wer and the first Boy movie to his credit.

With this, The Boy becomes one of the few post-modern horror franchises that’s going the reboot/sequel space. We have a lot of sequels coming this year and this decade. The list makes a horror fan’s mouth water. After all, we have two Halloween movies, we have a The Invisible Man sequel and several more.

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