Bulbbul, Netflix Original Horror Film Releases June 24

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Bulbbul, Anushka Sharma’s production for Netflix, is releasing on June 24. Anushka Sharma, as I have told you earlier, is this genre’s darling. Her project up next is Bulbbul releases next week. The trailer launched a day ago. I am not surprised if you don’t know that the series releases on 24th June. That’s because the trailer launched just a day ago – and a week before the launch of the series. The promotions of this series have been pretty lowkey.

The synopsis is pretty generous, though. Here goes:

A story set in the late 19th Century Bengal, Bulbbul traverses the journey of a young girl from innocence to strength, as the legend of a chudail casts a looming shadow over her world. Bulbbul is a supernatural thriller produced by actor/producer Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Ssharma (Clean Slate Filmz).  Anvita Dutt directs. It’s the haunting tale of a young, innocent bride who grows up to be a strong, mysterious woman presiding over her household. She harbours a painful past as several murders of men plague her village.

Looking at the trailer, this could be the first time that someone explores the chudail concept in a mature, experienced manner. The only chudails we have seen until now are the screechy, garishly dressed ones that meet their end at the hands of a Baba or someone other ascetic.  The cast includes Rahul Bose, Tripti Dimri and Avinash Tiwari. I would suggest, right off the bat that without waiting for a review, please start watching Bulbbul whenever you can. Anushka’s earlier two forays into horror fiction have been interesting, with Pari the horror movie Bollywood needed but didn’t want.

Watch Bulbbul Trailer here:

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