Byomkesh Bakshi Doordarshan Series on YouTube

Byomkesh Bakshi is one of the most enduring characters in Indian history. Several content creators have brought him on screen, including YRF, recently. But the one characterization that stands out among all is the Rajat Kapoor one, for the Basu Chaterjee series that aired on Doordarshan,

Surprisingly, Doordarshan is now streaming all 32 episodes of Byomkesh Bakshi on their official YouTube channel. This is one of the few instances where one can view classic Indian series for free and legally.

Watch Byomkesh Bakshi series for free:

Critics and audiences consider  Bakshi to be one of the shining examples of the golden era of Indian television. The series had stories that were backed by logic and made Rajat Kapoor a household name in Mumbai. The episodes weren’t just a straight-out detective story, but delved deeper into the mindsets of Indian society back then.  That’s the one thing that makes it very different from the other detective series that hit our tv screens now and again.

Good on Doordarshan for making these episodes available for free. Piracy of classic Indian tv-series is rampant. Episodes of other series like Aahat and ZEE Horror Show are already available on the various piracy channels.  While piracy is wrong, there’s also the fact that fans of classic horror and cult Indian series don’t get to see them for free anywhere.

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