Child’s Play (2019) coming to Amazon Prime This Month

Child's Play, Hollywood Horror Movie

Child’s Play is somewhat of a bullet-proof Hollywood horror franchise by now. The latest followup in the franchise released sometime last year. If you haven’t caught up on it as yet, it will be available on Amazon Prime in June. The movie is a straightaway reboot of the original, so older audiences should warm up to this one pretty quickly, Younger audiences get a taste of what makes this movie an iconic Hollywood horror movie.

The 2019 release stars Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, BRian Tyree Henry and Mark Hamill, the voice of Chucky. Larz Klevberg directs this movie and the producers are David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith. The screenplay for Child’s Play is by Tyler Burton Smith.

The new movie adds a sci-fi twist to the original plot. So, gone is the demon wanting to live once again in the thief’s body and in comes a disgruntled worker who disables the safety protocols and creates Chucky out of Buddi.

Watch Child’s Play (2019) trailer here:

When it released, this Hollywood horror movie won over the crowds, making it one of the many eighties franchises that became stronger with new releases. Blumhouse is bringing in several horror franchises of the eighties into their fold. Last year, they launched the remake of the horror classic The Invisible Man. Some more famous horror classics are coming along as well. There’s an addition to the Scream franchise that’s on its way as well. A few months ago, IHC told you that the Anaconda franchise is returning as well.

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