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The Child’s Play franchise has survived and how! The Hollywood horror franchise has had seven movies. The latest was the 2019 remake. There’s news now of a TV series – unrelated to the reboot – that’ll hit SyFy.  The creator of the original, Don Mancini will be overseeing all of it. Brad Dourif will play Chucky, the main character in Child’s Play.

The Child’s Play remake opened to surprisingly positive reviews and there’s talk about more Buddi doll movies. The loglines flitting about the Internets tell us that a suburban child will find the doll. The extended loglines say that characters from Chucky’s past will come and so will allies. No words on who these enemies and allies are. The details right now also tell us that the series will talk about Chucky’s origins.

Watch Child’s Play (2019) trailer:

The movies have been pretty sure about Chucky’s origins until date. In the first movie, a criminal transfers his soul into a doll and then needs to sacrifice a child to get his original body back. By the third movie, Chucky has more problems in his life, namely, a wife and a kid.

Much of the original crew of Child’s Play is returning for this one. Brad Douriff, who voiced Chucky in the 1988 classic is returning as the menacing doll with the knife. Then again, Don Mancini is returning to the series. With the shtick of original cast members returning as allies and enemies, I’d think Jenifer Tilly is a shoo-in for a return as The Bride of Chucky.

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