Cinemaazi Explores The Enchanting World of Press Book Literature


In the bold new world, I wonder if press books and song books of movies exist. For me, those song books and press books were an inspiration. If I didn’t have the song books and pressbooks as company while growing up, I don’t think I’d have set up this website. But I have, and I miss those books. The closest thing I have come across online to those books is the website

I stumbled on the website and have found some really interesting stuff related to Bollywood movies, including Bollywood horror movies. Its basically an alphabetically ordered list of all  movies, with the stuff written in their official pressbooks. Of course, the list isn’t complete. I am two months into making the Bollywood Horror Movie database and haven’t even scratched the surface. But whatever exists on the website is great information for the Bollywood fan. Do visit!

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