Classic TV Horror Shows are coming to YouTube

Indian Horror TV shows ruled the roost in the nineties. Star and Sony, had a couple of horror shows that played every weekend. Many consider these series as classics and an undeniable part of Indian pop culture. As the Indian television audience evolved, newer series like Naagin and Kawach replaced the older series. However, thanks to the streaming boom, these series are making a comeback. ZEE TV is showing several of their old horror shows, including ZEE Horror Show. ZEE TV has the ever popular streaming platform, ZEE5. But thankfully, it has decided to upload most of the episodes of the ZEE Horror Show for free viewing on YouTube. You can view some of the episodes here:

This is a welcome move by ZEE. Several pirates now freely ask and post for episodes of Indian TV Horror Shows. Its confusing why they would go about asking for pirated links when ZEE is slowly but surely putting all the episodes on a free channel. This raises the question whether the people running these groups on the social media platforms are actual horror fans or are they just people interested in running a social media group. Apart from ZEE, Sony is also doing its task of catering to audiences of classic Indian television. You can watch the baap of all Indian TV Horror Shows Aahat on YouTube too. Here’s the link:

Interestingly, Sony TV also has an online presence, their premium streaming channel SonyLIV. Therefore, it’s refreshing to see that Sony has decided to feature its popular horror TV series on a free platform like YouTube.

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