Conjuring 3 to feature young Loraine and Ed Warrens

Conjuring 3 now has a release date. The film releases on September 11, 2020 and is a direct sequel to the Conjuring 1 and the Conjuring 2. The makers have announced that talented actors Megan Ashley Brown and Mitchell Hoog will be playing the younger versions of Loraine and Ed Warrens. So, Conjuring 3 will be giving insights into the lives of the Warrens, when they were younger. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are also scheduled to reprise their roles. So, this won’t be an out and out prequel.  We already know that the film’s set in the eighties. This makes Conjuring the latest franchise to go to the nineties – like the X Men.

The other buzz about this Hollywood Horror film is that it will have at least one character becoming a werewolf. In any case, the makers have been vocal about the idea that the third installment will not be about a haunted house. The other news trickling in is that the film will be about an accused saying that their possessions were the reasons of their crimes. This takes the Hollywood horror film straight into serial killer territory. We already know  – thanks to Mindhunter – how many serial killers have attributed their murders to the ‘voices in their minds’ and even ‘the neighbor’s dog’. in the hands of Michael Chavez, this could be the opening for an interesting marriage of genres, psychological killers and actual horror.

Once again, horror seems to be a whole new ball game, thanks to the Hollywood horror film Conjuring 3. Michael Chavez directs a script by David Leslie Johnson and James Wan. As previously thought, James Wan is not directing this film. The Conjuring is one of Hollywood’s most respected horror franchises. It has given birth to two spin-offs, Annabelle and The Nun. It’s the only horror franchise with popular spin-off series.


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