Covid 19 Pandemic Is Making Rodents Aggressive

The Covid 19 lock down is systematically changing habits of everyone. And if you thought its just people who are changing, you are wrong. A study shows that the pandemic is creating rather aggressive rats and rodents. These rats and rodents usually stay below the hotels and restaurants and fatten up on the food that they throw out. With the lock down locking down restaurants for more than seventy five days, they have to look around for food. Its not just the study that says this. Venture out and you will see that rats, rodents and even stray dogs are struggling to get their food – something that they never did, thanks to the generosity of residents and the food that restaurants throw out on regular intervals.

This is a serious issue. While it might look as if this is a story right out of a horror movie, it is not without its dangers in real life with the Covid 19 pandemic all around us. Aggressive rodents will invade houses, eat and chip out at whatever is available and destroy furniture and food. This in turn will make human beings aggressive about driving out rats and rodents out of their houses. I just hope we don’t have an upcoming Man Vs Rats sequence coming up as the year wraps up, even as the pandemic looks to be going nowhere. After all, we are just six months into the year.

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